PE Shrink Rolls

Shrink film is produced from low density polyethylen. Flexo printing can be made on films. It is a kind of packaging that is made by wrapping the products with heat treatment by shrinking nylon. It is an economic,ideal and easy applicable packaging way.

It is also used in industrial areas and many kind of sectors. PE shrink film is produced in rolls and it is transparent and flexible.

It is produced perforated and holey shrink rolls.

PE Shrink Rolls Production Measures

It can be produced printed or non printed,from 15 cm to 400cm, perforated or non perforated.

Production thickness of shrink roll is between 30 micron to 400 micron.

In addition can be also produced different thickness acoording to product weight,usage and storage conditions.

Characterictcs of PE Shrink Roll

  • PE shrink roll wraps product according to shape of product.

  • Shink roll extends shelf life and protect product.

  • Shrinking is done using shrinking lines and kilns.

  • Shrink roll provides heat protection.

  • Shrink roll produced coloured or printed.

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Usage Areas of PE Shrink Roll

  • PE shrink roll is used for packaging.

  • PE shink roll is used for packing boxed,packed or bulk shrinked products by heat treatment.

  • PE shrink roll is used for shipping products in one piece,without damage.

  • Shink nylon is used in many sectors such as food,beverage,furniture,electronic and metal.

  • In addition it is used in many industrial sectors such as water and liquid bottle packing,furniture sector,food packing,metal industry,domestic appliance,electronics and ceramic packaging.

Advantages of PE Shrink Roll

  • Shrink roll prevents the product effects such as dust and sun ray during shipment and storage.

  • Shrink film is transparent,light and economic

  • Shrink is resistant to all kinds of weather conditins protecting products from external effects heat,cold,rain,dust.

  • Shrink Roll facilitates transportation of bulk products.
  • Shrink roll makes easy packaging and shipment.

  • Shrink roll gives tranparency and shine to products.

  • Shrink roll extends shelf life and protect product.

Application of PE Shrink Roll

The shrink film (thickness-size) determined according to the weight of the material is subjected to heat treatment by wrapping it on the packed material . During this process, the heat shrink film gives a transverse and longitudinal stretching reaction. Thanks to this reaction, the material is fully wrapped. After this process, the film is frozen and wrapped tightly on the material.