We unargueably produce the best and the highest strenght safety fence in Turkey.

Safety Fence

You can use below information to order safety fence that we produce in quality of Metroplast Ambalaj.

We are proud of presenting our first safety fence named orange fence, guardian barrier,safety mesh domestic production in Turkey.

Safety fence is an application factor which is used for practical use and many kinds of purpose such as job safety,making system and seperator.

As it can be understood from the name, the most important speciality of safety fence is providing safety conditions for the users. Safety mesh that is used for job security, is expected to be in specific breaking strenght standards. As MetroPlast Ambalaj , we are assertive and stand behind our safety fence production with standards certificate of quality.

For construction , to construct warning wall,warning cover , weather resistant,uv resistant,easy applicable safety fence.

Please especially check break strenght quality certificates of imported safety fences.

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Characteristc of Safety Fence

  • Safety fence that we produce is not imported ! It is our own production that we produce with our high tech machine investments.
  • Imported safety fence break strenght is lower than MetroPlast products ,Please take into consideration.
  • We inarguably produce the best and highest strenght safety fence in Turkey.
  • Safety fence in other words safety mesh is used for wide range of areas and purposes such as road,natural gas,electric severage work,digging and excavation site,building site, sports areas and garden to attract safety and dangerous areas,restrict inevitable gates.
  • In addition to warning signes safety fence is one of the most important equipment in working areas to prevent workers and the other people.
  • Safety fence is attractive and as a work safety equipment it is orange.
  • Safety fence is highly elastic and easily cut .
  • Maintenance free , safety fence is resistant to chemical products and high tempreturares .

Examples Usage Areas of Safety Fence

  • Safety fence is used in construction site,area,for seperation working areas, every floor of under construction buildings (to avoid falling) to avoid job accident and to protect workers,enviroment.
  • Excavation area can be seperated with safety fence.
  • Safety fence can be taken as a precaution to specify dangerous areas and regions in highway,railway and thanks to being red and orange safety fence prevents drivers from have an accident.
  • Being cost effective safety fence can be used for electrical fixing and maintenance works circling around.
  • Safety fence, in other words warning mesh, is used for preventing any kind of risks in water distribution, sewage line maintenance and replacement works that handled by companies such as ISKI in Istanbul, ASKI in Ankara,IZSU in İzmir.
  • The cheapest way of taking precaution in playground to play your children in a safety way is safety fence.
  • Despite of being cost effective , safety fences are carrying a substantial role for providing safety enviroment for the SKI Centers
  • Cost effective safety fence can be used in hotels.
  • Safety fence is used in animal production households,barns,farms especially in chicken farms as a sepertor.
  • Safety fence is used as a garden and field wall for seperating garden and neighbourhood.
  • You can order safety fence for manucipality digging and modification works, natural gas malfunction in our primary capital cities Istanbul,Ankara,Izmır and all Turkey.

Safety Fence Sizes

Safety Fence Characteritics
Weight 80 gr / m2 ve 100 gr / m2 standard production also ; from 80 gr / m2  to 800 gr / m2 can be also produced according to customer demand in requested grammage.
Lenght From 1mt lenght to 100cm/ 50m wide production can be done according to customer demand in requested lenght.
Color Custom production can be done according to customer demand.
Malzeme / Material hdpe

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