Pallet Cover Sheets

Pallet cover film is an industrial product that is produced from polyethylen raw materials and can be produced any size and thinkness,according to usage area.
It can be produced 2 types; Perforated roll or film or Bulk Pallet Cover Sheets.
As MetroPlast Ambalaj UV,Anti Slip and Anti Static additives can be added and produced custom production.
In addition,it can be produced bulk pallet cap or perforated pallet cap.
It can also be produced from recycled raw materials if pallet cover film isn’t shrinking processed.This reduct your costs. Pallet Cover Sheets.

How can you pack your product with Pallet Cover Sheets ?

Pallet Cover Sheets (thickness-size) determined according to the weight of the material which is packed is subjected to heat treatment by passing the material to be packed like a hat. During this process, the pallet Cover Sheets gives transverse and longitudinal pulling reaction. Thanks to this reaction wraps product completely. Then Pallet Cover Sheets freezes and takes the form of product so this prevents from swinging, overturning and flowing. At the same time provides protection from external effects and ease of transport.

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Characteristics of Pallet Cover Sheets Film

  • Compared with the other packaging products pallet cover sheets is more economic and easier to use.
  • Pallet cover sheets can protect items placed on pallets from many negative conditions, that can occur during storage and transportation.

  • Pallet cover sheets film protects palletized products, which are waited for a long time during storage, are added various additives to extend the shelf life.

  • Pallet cover sheets is wrapped on top of palletized products and pulled to the width and length by applying heat on the product very tightly to prevent the products from falling and tilting during shipment to protect the palletized products in the best way.

  • Pallet cap is suitable for packaging maually or automatically.

  • Pallet cover sheets is transparent and shiny.

  • It can be produced customer demand colour.

  • On the pallet cap according to customer demand flexo printing can be printed.

  • UV additive can be added in pallet cover sheets according to customer demand.

  • Our pallet cap is anti-static and slippy.

  • Pallet cover sheets is heat-resistant.

Usage Areas of Pallet Cover Film

  • Pallet cap is used for food packaging and shipment.
  • Besides, generally pallet cap is used for palletizing,stocking,shipping all kinds of product

  • Pallet cover sheets is used in chemical sector for packaging and shipping.

  • Pallet cover sheets is used for liquid bottle packaging.

  • Pallet cover sheets is used in furniture sector, especially for palletizing and shipping bed.

  • Pallet cover sheets is wrapped on pallets like a hat.

  • Pallet cap is used in metal industry.

  • Pallet cover sheets is used for packaging and shipment agricultural products.

  • Pallet cover sheets is used for packaging and shipment domestic appliance.

  • Pallet cover sheets is used in construction sector.

  • Pallet cover sheets is used for palletizing electronic devices.

  • Pallet cover sheets is used in so many industrial areas such as packaging ceramics.