Manual Stretch Wrap

Manual stretch wrap is an economic way of packing products. Stretch film ,which is prduced from polyethylen raw materials, completely protects palletized or non palletized product from wetting, powdering and  unraveling.

Stretch Wrap stops loss of time during loading and shipment which is produced customer demand size and color. Stretch wrap is produced in high technology, oszlarak and cast film technic, 3 storey koex, one side sticky and 5 storey and it is resistant to tear. It has a characteristics of stretching and creep.

Characteristcs of Manual Stretch Wrap

  • This product can be produced in one or two side sticky or internally or externally slippy and UV additive contained .
  • In nominal conditions manual stretch Wrap can be stretched from -40C’den +80C’.

Examples of Usage Areas Manual Stretch Wrap

  • Stretch Wrap for Machine is used for packing
  • Stretch Wrap for Machine is used for shipping product in one piece.

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Advantages of Manual stretch Wrap

  • Manual stretch wrap prevents the product effects such as dust and sun ray during shipment and storage.

  • Machine stretch wrap is used for reducting labour cost.

  • Machine stretch wrap is anti dust and dirt proof thanks to shiny and slippy exterior surface.

  • Stretch Wrap is transparent,light and economic.

  • All kinds of product can be packed with machine stretch wrap.

  • Machine stretch wrap prevents pallets from sticking.

  • For glass bottled packing stretch wrap is safety and economic.

  • Being flexible , sharp and keen zigs don’t effect stretch wrap so there is no need for rop or strap.

  • Stretch wrap is resistant to all weather effects, because of protecting product from external effects such as hot,cold,rain,dust and dirt.

Manual Stretch Wrap Production Mesures

Size  1 Size 2 Size 3 Product
50 cm 23 mic 300 m Strech Film 6 pieces / in a box
50 cm 17 mic 300 m Strech Film 6 pieces / in a box
50 cm 17 mic 1500 m Strech Film single package
50 cm 23 mic 1500 m Strech Film single package