About Us

Metroplast Ambalaj is one of the largest and professional plastic manufacturer in Turkey and has been in operations since 1996 . A plant expansion in 2016 and subsequent major modifications of the both blowing film and extrusion lines, production capacity has been increased to 2000 tons /month and became one of the most preferable packaging company with its exceptional quality.

A combination of quality sensitivity and being able to saturate all customer needs with a wide product range company has started becoming one of the first choice not only in Turkey but also in Europe and Asia.

Metroplast currently carries out its production activities in a plant which has 10.000 m2 is indoor area ,12000 m2 outdoor area , 3 extrusion and 11 blow film machineries with  over 200 personnel.

Having recycling licence and wide section lines our company offers an alternative to customers for recycled products to get price advantage without sacrificing quality as original products have.